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Life is all about memories. Here at Waiters That Sing, we have been creating special memories for 13 years. We have brought fun and laughter to countless people and we have always worked hard to bring our clients, the very best in entertainment.

Now we have even more quality products to offer but all backed by the same high standards that has made us so reputable.

When talking to us about Singing Waiters, please feel free to ask about anything else that you may need for your wedding day or event.

Over the years, we have built up a strong network of reliable suppliers, so if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can certainly recommend someone to you. 

Just aks…

Up lights, dance floors, DJ’s, spark machines, room dressing, instrumentalists, vocalists, staging or just about anything you need, is possible.

Put that together with Waiters That Sing and you have all the ingredients needed to create perfect memories.

Create Your dream Package

The very best wedding Dj's & Waiters That Sing

Enquire about anything you need for your big day!

We will arrive during the turnaround of your wedding breakfast room, while you are enjoying canapes in another room or first thing in the morning before anyone is at the venue. We will setup one of our state of the art sound systems then get changed, ready to welcome you and your guests.

We will be present throughout the day, aquainting your guests with our faces, so as not to bring any unwanted attention to us.

After your ceremony, we will be happy to serve your family and guests, canapes and drinks, before you go to your wedding breakfast.

No one will suspect that we are anything other than staff that are there to serve them.

As your meal nears it's end, that's our cue to begin... Watch your guest's faces as the scenario unfolds. Try to keep a straight face though, as they will all get involved and concerned!

Shocked, angry, confused then delighted... Everyone will soon be involved and definitely singing and dancing along...

By the end of the performance, your guests will be on high and looking forward to your evening. Waiters That Sing will quite simply, get the party started!

Now it's up to your DJ or band..

What We Recommend & What's Involved:

We recommend 2 Singing Waiters for guests of up to 200 & 3 Singing Waiters over 200

30 Minute Programme

Throughout our 13 years in business, we have found that a 30 minutes is the absolute sweet spot. During this time, we take you and your guests on a beautiful and entertaining journey that begins with calamity and leads to absolute joy. This is just the best fun!

Classically Trained Singers

With regards to music, we tend to work to a set programme. Please bear in mind that our unique selling point is that we are all classicaly trained singers. This is something that sets us apart from other singing waiters acts and while we start our act with a couple of Opera pieces (these are very well known tunes) and are an integral part of what we do but have an amazing impact. After this, we quickly move on to the big “hands in the air” songs

We Are Unique

We understand that here are many Singing Waiters acts out there, however, there are few that offer the experiece that we do. Whilst we start with a little Opera, we are happy to sing something that you particularly want but hearing an Opera Singer in full voice and up close, is an incredible sensation and one that willl never be forgotten. We are not Karaoke singers...

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