Who We are

 The Singing Waiters are Now one of the Uk’s leading Singing Waiters acts, we offer the best and most diverse entertainment for weddings, corporate and private functions. All of our classically trained singers have years of experience of entertaining at the very highest level and have been carefully chosen to give our clients only the very best. You will not be disappointed!

What We Do

Our amazing singers disguise themselves as waiters, chefs, or staff at your function and as your meal nears its end a scenario will unfold. Your guests will be confused, then the fun begins as you and your guests are entertained with some of the world’s most recognisable songs and operatic arias and following the Opera our singers perform songs guaranteed to get everyone on their feet.

What you'll get

Waiters that sing  Like This Text Tooltip! will perform and outstanding and bespoke performance at your event or special day. Each programme lasts around 30 mins and has an unbelievable impact on your day, turning something wonderful into something spectacular!

Singing Waiters For Weddings & Corporate Events

Waiters that sing – Secret, Surprise Wedding and Corporate Entertainment – Turning Something Wonderful into Something Spectacular

Who are The Singing Waiters?

Singing waiters are a group of professionally trained Classical singers/actors with years of experience of singing and entertaining at the very highest level, both in the United Kingdom and indeed throughout the world. Our director himself was once a Principal singer at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and regularly sang with the great Tenors, Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo along with many other international stars of the Opera world. He has now formed an incredible ensemble of talented individuals to perform at your event.

So what happens?

The Singing Waiters concept was devised some years ago and has even branched out into other acts such as singing police, singing fire fighters, even other members of staff at your event could transpire to be in on the act… The whole idea of Singing Waiters has evolved over the years into the “must have” entertainment at thousands of events all over the world! Our incognito artists act as waiters or staff, the Singing Waiters thrill and entertain your guests at your wedding, corporate event, awards evening, charity event or even your own private party…Two, three or four of our Singing Waiters mingle with your guests at your wedding breakfast, or event and as your meal nears its end, a scenario will unfold…

Your guests will be shocked, confused and ultimately delighted as all becomes clear! Then the fun begins as they are serenaded and entertained by the Singing Waiters with some of the world’s most recognisable songs and arias. The performance culminates in our “Grand finale” which is sure to raise the roof – it is a truly outstanding experience! All this works so well as it is surprise, secret entertainment so the less people that are aware of the Singing Waiters, the bigger the surprise!

Why choose our Singing Waiters?

There are many Singing waiters acts to choose from, however. All of our Singing waiters are classically trained and quite simply, the thrill of hearing a real live Opera singer in full voice, especially when it is so unexpected, is a rare and exciting experience! The Singing Waiters that we provide, all offer a beautiful and unique opportunity to witness something that most people never hear live, but once experienced it is never forgotten.

Not just Opera!

Though our Singing Waiters pride themselves on their vocal talents as accomplished Opera singers, we are more than happy to sing some lighter and fun songs, songs from musicals,TV or we can even offer our unique take on popular music. So if there is anything that you’d love for us to sing, you only have to ask and the Singing Waiters will be happy to oblige. It is an easy and obvious choice to go with karaoke style pop singers or even tribute style crooners, after all, we all know someone who thinks they can sing but Singing Waiters in full operatic voice is simply the quality choice for your classy day.

Wherever you are, whatever your event, we have Singing Waiters near you:

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